Below is a list of key milestones Xunlight has achieved since our founding in 2006.

April 2006

Xunlight was formed

May 2007

Xunlight receives Series A investment ($7 million)

July 2007

Xunlight moves its headquarters from the incubator at the University of Toledo to 122,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at 3145 Nebraska Ave.

April 2008

Xunlight receives Series B investment ($33 million)

June 2008

Xunlight demonstrates first solar cell deposition on 2MW roll-to-roll pilot production line

June 2009

Xunlight successfully completes the installation and demonstration of its 25MW high-throughput, wide-web, roll-to-roll photovoltaic manufacturing process

September 2009

Xunlight delivers and installs its first shipment of solar modules.

April 2010

Xunlight receives UL 1703 certification.

January 2011

Xunlight receives IEC 61646 and 61730 certifications.