Xunlight’s amorphous silicon thin-film solar modules are based on the company’s patented technology and can be used for a wide variety of applications. These flexible and lightweight products are highly valued in the marketplace as detailed below:

Xunlight’s modules are produced utilizing a thin stainless steel substrate and flexible lamination polymers which equate to a thickness of ~1.5 mm. This allows our modules to be used for a wide variety of applications.

Xunlight’s products (~.5 lbs/sq. ft) are roughly three times lighter than rigid glass based PV modules, which means they can easily be installed on rooftops that may not be able to take the weight of glass modules and their support structures without the need for costly roof reinforcement modifications.

High Performance
Xunlight’s amorphous silicon based PV modules offer better power performance in actual outdoor conditions vs. some other solar technologies that currently dominate the market.

The company’s modules are flexible and lightweight and do not utilize glass which make them very durable and resilient to most weather conditions.

Easy to Install
Our products can be integrated into a building’s roofing membrane or rolled on and adhered which allows for easy installation and also eliminates the need for roof penetrating racking structures.

Below is a comparison of a typical thin-film CdTe glass panel (~5 to ~6.8 mm thick) and Xunlight’s flexible, thin-film silicon module on stainless steel (~1 mm total thickness).