Rooftop Products

Xunlight’s offers a line of lightweight and mechanically flexible photovoltaic modules. The products are specifically designed for rooftop installations. These products all use the bandgap-tuned triple-junction thin-film silicon solar cells, manufactured by Xunlight at its Toledo, Ohio, USA factory. Xunlight also welcomes enquiries for custom sized product. Our flexible manufacturing process can allow us to offer custom product at relative low minimum volumes. Xunlight’s certified modules can be utilized for either on-grid or off-grid applications and they come backed by our 25 year power-output warranty. Our solar modules are produced using the company’s innovative and patented manufacturing process and are designed to deliver high energy efficiency at a low cost for years to come.

Product Specifications (Subject to change without notice):

Product Available Certifications Power (W) L (mm) W (mm) M (kg)
XLS11-72-R4-SSJ UL 1703 72 2741 378 5.3
XLS22-144-R4-SSJ UL 1703 144 5392 378 5.3
XLD44-288-R4 Pending 288 5392 737 10

All products are 1.5mm thick.