Equipment Sales

Xunlight Lowers Barriers to Local Manufacture of Flexible Solar Modules

Scalable, three step approach allows manufacture of 15MW/yr of flexible multi-junction solar modules with $1.5 million investment.

Xunlight Corporation’s equipment division offers many manufacturing solutions to enable its customers to produce UL and IEC solar modules. Entrepreneurs will like the highly flexible module manufacturing equipment which is capable of producing a wide array of finished solar modules. With minimal capital investment and low overhead required to start production, there has never been an easier opportunity to start producing your own PV modules.

Local, state and federal governments and development agencies will enjoy the scalability Xunlight’s equipment offerings can bring to them. We can provide a module assembly line that can be used to process Xunlight-supplied flexible solar cells into finished modules that qualify for locally made status. With this in place, Xunlight can supply a complete 15 MW/yr turnkey factory to process raw materials to into flexible multijunction solar cells using a roll-to-roll process, ensuring a local supply of this technology-intensive upstream component.

  • 15MW turnkey plant producing IEC/UL qualified flexible lightweight PV products
  • A single machine produces 36” wide, flexible, triple-junction, thin film silicon solar cells on 5000 feet rolls of 5 mil thick stainless steel at low cost with high yields
  • Semiautomatic PV module assembly line using robots
  • Low-cost high throughput lamination line
  • Low-cost testing equipment
  • Low capital investment
  • Patented technology

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