Product Design

Xunlight’s offers a line of lightweight and mechanically flexible photovoltaic modules. The products are specifically designed for rooftop installations. Xunlight currently offers four widths of products, the XR (for TPO and EPDM membrane roofs), XRS (for 24″ standing seam roofs), XRU (for 16″ standing seam roofs) and XRN series (for 12″ standing seam roofs). These products all use the bandgap-tuned triple-junction thin-film silicon solar cells, manufactured by Xunlight at its Toledo, Ohio, USA factory. Xunlight also welcomes enquiries for custom sized product. Our flexible manufacturing process can allow us to offer custom product at relative low minimum volumes.

Xunlight has made advancements to the manufacturing process that allows it to market these products at a very attractive price point. However, the basic technology used in the cells and packaging techniques used in the modules are well proven, predictable and have an operating history of over ten years in the field.